Our Mission

The students of CDR Public School are trained to be self-learners who are academically sound, have an Investigative Spirit and are confident wholesome personalities with good communication skills. They are career oriented, sensitive to Fine & Performing Arts and keen on their Physical pursuits in life. CDR Public School offers parents a unique schooling experience. The school looks after all the academic and physical needs of your child including extra teaching inputs and Physical activities like Skating, Swimming, taekwondo etc. We provide interactive sessions using new up-to-date technologies. Teachers are selected and trained keeping in mind the safety, wellbeing and all round development of your child. In effect, parents just have to bring the child to our buses and after that the responsibility of looking after your child and flourishing them into young responsible citizens of this country is ours. The school upholds a commitment of excellence in all fields.

Our Vision

Every parent dreams to nurture the talent of their young ones in a manner that lays the foundation for a bright future for them and to enable them to achieve what they as children could not. They want to see their kids at the pinnacle of glory. CDR School goes beyond the concept of a school that only imparts knowledge stored in books and archives. It is an institution which nurtures each child with the same intensity, zeal and passion with which a mother nurtures her children. It offers the perfect ambience for instilling traditional Indian values, cultures, ethos and conventions with modern tools, technologies and techniques, So as to build the competence of your children. Our education system emphasizes on exploring and embedding talent in every child, leaving footprints on the sands of time. We aspire to nurture the children in such a way that they are able to face all the challenges of life, confidently and are triumphant by practice of sodality. With a highly motivated and dedicated team of experienced teachers, we aspire to empower the children of our school with a vision that cherishes high moral values & excellence in all spheres of life. Our main aim is to achieve and inscribe our motto in each one of our students: "Excellence in Education & All Round Development"