Welcome to The CDR Public School Academy

Our school is a special place where the staff are dedicated to providing a stimulating, exciting environment where everyone feels valued and safe


CDR school redefines the concepts of schooling and invents classrooms of the future. It is a dedicated initiative to groom children for the new socio- economic order of the Cyber Age, an attempt to maintain the perspective of the world citizenship without losing the Indian Cultural Heritage. CDR School presents a clear focus on proactive knowledge dissemination development of the mind as well as biological and social behavior. The methodology of teaching at CDR School is a well-developed Montessori Method where development of attention, intelligence and imagination takes place in the child by allowing the child to work independently on scientifically designed self-learning apparatus. Pre-School the overall ambience at CDR is not restrictive but informative, inquisitive and responsive to a child's instinct to explore. Freedom of movement exists for the children of pre-school level with exclusively designed furniture. The activity area has low shelves containing modules and material specially designed as per internationally standardized apparatus of perfect dimensions and controlled edges, formulated according to the child's level of development, interest and need. The child has the freedom of choice to choose his activity according to his interest.