Our Activities

For helping the child reach his/her true potential, knowledge dissemination is done by using communication tools with latest technology including computers, display systems, projection etc. Fun-filled activities themed around the current events, News and Festivals are planned with special software packages to make learning a better experience. CDR School is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and a fun environment plus it offers a wide range of activities for the holistic development of a child:

  • Literary Activities: Storytelling, Creative writing, Reading books from the library etc.
  • Scientific Activities: Experimentation and model making, research projects etc.
  • Cultural Activities: Music, Dance, Play, Drama etc.
  • Artistic Activities: Painting, Sketching, Modeling etc.
  • Indoor games, skating, splash pool, Taekwondo, outdoor swings etc.

Plans are afoot to equip each classroom with AV systems or Smart-boards.


Following is the procedure

  • Step 1 Collect a form from our school/admission office.
  • Step 2 Pay Rs.100 for the form, Get it verified and submitted.
  • Step 3 Interview of student accompanied by the Parents/Guardians.
  • Step 4 After selection the student has to go through a written test