Artistic Activities

The special competition of raksha bandhan

Raksha-Bandhan - A knot of Protection. is that all a Rakhi on a brother's wrist symbolizes? A Rakhi is not only a promise to keep a sister safe from harm's way. It is a promise to cherish and never forget all the happy moments spent together, A promise to keep the beautiful relationship alive forever.

We celebrate Independence day and Gandhi Jayanti.

"BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE" - Mahatma Gandhi The father of our nation, a blessed, learned and focused mind, who led our country to its Independence. He aligned the hundreds of scattered Indian individuals and made them progress towards the country's freedom united. We pay tribute to his soul and vision on his birthday, coined as GANDHI JAYANTI.

We celebrate " Good or Evil " faction

"Good over Evil" The sole thought that has always united people, leaving behind gender,caste,race or class. In Hinduism the one day dedicated to this universal moral is Dussehra Where Lord Rama defeats the evils done by Ravana. This day is celebrated with burning down of a Ravana doll to signify the burning away of all evil and sorrow of the community.